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Our Hospital “Bhattar Hospital for children” came in to existence in 1996 which was initially a small venture and gradually over a period of time and decades adding on new technologies, good supportive and quality care and team effort has to expansion of unit as Bhattar Hospita l- “Bal Gopal Children Hospital and research institute”.
Our Hospital is in center of city Raipur, capital of Chhattisgarh State covering population of 2.5 crore. Out of this number 12-14 % percent are children below 6 years. Our center stands as referral unit for all peripheral centers.
We have team of twelve pediatricians, who have joined hands together working hard and providing quality care services for children of Chhattisgarh. Our hospital is 112 bedded with fully equipped NICU, PICU, 8 ventilators including one HFOV. Bubble CPAPs infusion pumps, multipara monitors, Defibrillator. We have advanced operation theatre with pediatric surgeon as part of our team performing all types of neonatal and pediatric surgeries. We annual admissions of out of which are  we run 24 X 7 OPD and emergency services. We have special clinics run by visiting consultants once a month of gastroenterology and orthopedic and twice weekly cardiology and orthopedic and twice weekly cardiology clinic. We have special education centre under supervision of child psychologist, physiotherapist, speech therapist with facility for IQ / DQ assessment and early intervention clinic. There is also in house facility for ABG, EEG, ECG, and echocardiography, and round the clock availability of x-ray, USG, and color Doppler. We also have neonatal transport unit equipped with transport incubator. As our hospital is referral centre of Chhattisgarh state we are having large number of patient’s in our follow-up including various rare, metabolic, genetic disorders. At our centre procedures like central line placement, peritoneal dialysis, PICC line, surfactant therapy, ICD tube insertion, etc are routinely performed.